3 Ways Tattoos Have Become More Than Just Ink

Since their rise in popularity in the 1970’s, tattoos have been widely debated. Some believe that they are unnatural, while others see them as a form of art. We believe that tattoos are a form of self-expression we can carry throughout our lives. So if you know someone who is unsure about tattoos, send them one of these three reasons tattoos are far more than just ink.

1. Covering Scars

Brian Finn, a tattoo artist for almost 20 years, creates tattoos for people with scars from traumatic events like abuse, self-inflicted harm or human trafficking - for free. He uses his artistic ability to help people take back control of their bodies in a positive way. His clients say that when they see the before and after, they go from seeing sadness and depression to strength and their bright future.

2. Remembering a loved one

While tattoos can commemorate positive times in our lives, they also serve to preserve memories of those who have passed. In this article, we see 24 different ways people have continued to show love a dedication to those they’ve lost. Often times, people will take notes the person wrote them and have the tattoo artist mimic the handwriting as we see on #5. 

3. Symbol of a Promise

Whether it’s a couple’s version of a wedding ring, or between two friends, tattoos can help bring people together. For many couples, it is a less expensive alternative to traditional rings, and obviously more permanent. Similarly, siblings, family members or close friends will get them together as a symbol of their relationship.