Angela and James

Angela was from the United States and James was from Britain, but their two very separate lives connected in Korea when they both happened to be teaching abroad. After a year of dating, the two began to backpack around Asia and eloped in Bali on the beach. They didn't have money for rings, so they got eternity tattoos to symbolize their commitment.  “We feel that marriage is a lasting union that we work for every day. We will never stop trying to be the best partner the other deserves,” said Angela.

“The tattoo also gives us a feeling of being  connected  physically,  emotionally, and romantically. When I look at the tattoo, I remember all the experiences that led us to where we are now and it makes me feel incredibly happy and lucky to have the husband that I do.”

In the coming year Angela and James are going to have a larger wedding with their family and friends. It will serve as a vow renewal for the couple. At this event they have decided to finally get wedding rings and place them over the eternity tattoo. 

Angela said, “We have discussed how it will feel to place the ring on each other’s finger over the eternity symbol, [and] we are really looking forward to sharing that experience.”

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