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While tattoos can help us express unique parts of ourselves and our stories, they can be used to commemorate others. Kory Poxton for example got one to help understand her daughter Tarly a bit better. 

Tarly has been diagnosed with Netherton syndrome, a serious skin condition that causes blistering and itchy skin. She has to apply special moisturizers six times a day just to keep it under control. As the only one of her family to be diagnosed, Tarly asked her mother why she had it while everyone around her didn't. Kory decided to do something about it. 

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

'I contacted a couple of tattooists and got a heart-shaped tattoo on the top of my thigh. It is pink and looks just like her skin and it says ''little me'' underneath. 'Tarly loves it and she's told absolutely everyone about it, saying that it is just like her skin but pretend.'  

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