A Big Decision - Top 5 Things to consider before a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a huge decision in anyone's life. The ink tells a story that lasts a life-time and is not easily removed. Many people put a lot of thought and care into the ink they choose to place on their body and we think its important that they do! We've created a little bit of a list of the top 5 things to consider before you get a tattoo:

1. Be 100% sure you're making the right design choice. Significant other's names are usually a risky choice (we swear it's almost like a jinx sometimes). Write or draw it out on a piece of paper and carry it around with you for a few months. Continually reference it and if you feel yourself starting to have second thoughts  - think again. 

2. Research your artist! There have been plenty of horror stories of a tattoo gone wrong because of an inexperienced artist. Take the time to check out your shop and look at the past work of your artist. Instagram is a beautiful thing, guys. 

3. Start small. That full sleeve may sound like a great idea right now, but if this is your first its best to start small. This helps save money and allows you to experience everything on a smaller scale. You'll be able to get a feel for the process and learn your pain tolerance. 

4. Relaxxx. It can be a nerve wracking idea to have someone poke you with a needle over and over again, but panicking just makes things worse. Bring someone along and give their hand a good squeeze. 

5. Take care of it! Nothing is worse than investing time and money into a tattoo and having it get infected, or being faded a few years later.