In the beginning..

In the beginning, there was Save Your Tattoo. A company founded in 2008 with a purpose: to help you protect what's important to you. 

Now its 2015 and we're looking to revamp our efforts. We've reimagined what Save Your Tattoo can do for people. It's not just about protecting you from the sun or making sure a tattoo doesn't fade, but about preserving everything that came with that first or last dot of ink you put on your body. No matter the reason, there is a story behind it and it deserves to be shared. It deserves to be preserved for years to come and look as bright as the day you got it. There may have been pain, tears, laughs or smiles, but they live on past that day and can be shared with all those you meet. Don't roll up your sleeve or pull your hair from your neck to show something anything less than inspiring. 

We're taking this mission to heart and are excited to start rolling out all sorts of things to help you share your story with others.